BrikoÕs history dates back to 1985, when the company began producing ski wax for the Italian ski team. In the wake of its athletes' success, Briko soon decides to extend its product range, to include sunglasses, helmets and technical apparel, all designed in cooperation with its sports celebrity endorsers, who were always directly involved in the development of new products. During this evolutionary process, Briko developed numerous technical innovations: one example being the hugely successful Thrama lenses, introduced in 1989 and featuring an innovative and wide range of filters. In 1992, the Kasko helmet is launched onto the cycling market, followed in 2000 by Forerunner ski helmet. However, it is clothing that radically changes BrikoÕs position in the market, with the creation of the Katana collection in 2000, which offered technical pieces for both road cycling and mountain bikers. This was followed by the launch of the Beitostolen Nordic skiing range in 2003. BrikoÕs current team of sports celebrity endorsers comprises some of the most prestigious athletes on the international sports scene.

Today, Briko products are distributed in over 60 countries worldwide and their high innovative content is guaranteed by BrikoÕs own R&D centre for product innovation, aka the "Briko Lab" - established in 2009, where Safety, Kare and Style programs combine BrikoÕs racing tradition with expert know-how and specialized resources from high-tech industries. And the rich number of medal won by Briko athletes is there to show it.