Today Apis has expanded its horizon and interest to become an industry leader in the cycling cap industry. The Apis approaches to take the 50 years and in this half-century have come a long way.

It was 1957 and, along with many other dealers in the area, Gino began to follow the Tour of Italy with an old car, loaded with packages that contained sticks of nougat, t-shirts, and other typical products of Cremona.

Gino was the first to have the bright idea of making a cap runner (the first was plastic) to be included in the package. The idea worked immediately. The following year, the hat became popular and then came the first order from a major company sponsor of a cycling team, the Pezziol.

The first order was 100,000 cycling caps, something to shake your wrists, but Gino succeeded to deliver within the stipulated period and at that moment was born the Apis who went widening ever since when. In 1969, entered Aziendail Luciano that led to the international level today.

  Apis: A name that in known Worldwide in cycling.

  It is a symbol. The symbol of the cap.