Who we are

It's easy to say who we are: we simply are bike lovers. Since 1981. Passion and technology. Founded in 1981, Veloflex started with production of manufactured rubber and plastic articles for printers.

Only later, thanks to the great passion for bicycle of the two founders, Veloflex started production of tubulars and tyres for competition.

In a small working laboratory in the north of Italy, started the adventure that lead Veloflex to be the most appreciated producer of bicycle tyres for competition.

How we do it

Just one by one, with selected raw materials. For our production process we use only the most technologically advanced raw materialsavailable on the market.

The ultralight casing and the natural rubber exclusive compound of our thread will ensure you the best performance on every type of road surface.

The value of our tubulars and open tubulars is worldwide recognized and many professional runners entrust theirs victories to Veloflex products.